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Accuride DA0115RC – linear motion track with recirculating ball carriage.

Accuride's new linear motion guide - the DA0115RC, an aluminium track with recirculating ball carriage, has been designed for areas where precision linear slides may be over engineered for the job and therefore expensive.

Aimed at cost-sensitive applications involving any length of travel and designs where space constraints must be considered, this linear motion slide offers up to 120kg load rating, depending on the orientation and number of ball carriages used.

Accuride's linear slide offers the user complete flexibility and simplicity. The aluminium track comes in 2 lengths; 1.2 and 2.4m, which can be cut to the required length and fixing holes drilled as needed. The ball carriages and end stops are sold separately so that the end user can use as many as necessary for their particular application. An infinite length of track is achieved by butting the tracks together, supplying linear motion that is limited only by the length of the rail. For added stability the track ends can be pinned together.

There are 2 ball bearing options. Carriages with stainless steel balls offer the maximum load rating. Alternatively, carriages with polymer balls are grease-free for a clean and maintenance free operation with the added advantage of a quiet and smooth movement.

This linear system has a number of features to make installation very easy. The tracks have drilling marks for both the fixing holes and for the end stops. Also a drilling jig can be bought separately to allow the accurate and permanent pinning together of tracks.

Load Ratings

The slide has been tested in Accuride's UK laboratory where the track was fixed in different orientations and fitted with 1, 2 or 3 ball carriages to gauge the load capacity. Tested over 50,000 metres, this linear motion slide has proved to be exceptionally robust with loads of between 30 and 120kg. Although not suitable for high torque applications, the DA0115RC can be used horizontally or vertically and is suitable for industrial automation, sliding doors, movable screens and safety guards or control panels.

Features & Benefits

- Load rating up to 120kg.
- Aluminium track, lengths 1.2m and 2.4m.
- Carriages sold separately: Stainless steel balls, Polymer balls - grease free & quite movement.
- Corrosion resistant.
- Resistant to dirt and dust.
- Customer cuts track to required length.
- Customer drills holes.
- Infinite track lengths possible.
- End stops sold separately.
- Various mounting options.

*The mechanism has been slam tested for 10,000 cycles with 35kg and then an additional 2,000 cycles with 65kg. However, operator safety is important and maximum loads will be limited by health and safety manual handling guidelines

DA0115RC Datasheet



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