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Accuride Drawer Slide DZ3832DO

The Accuride DZ3832DO steel slide is part of our light duty range with a load rating of up to 50kg with 10,000 cycles or 45kg with 80,000 cyles.

The 3832DO benefits from both hold-in and hold-out features keeping slides sturdy and secure when open or closed.

We recommend fixing with a M4 screw or 4mm wood screw or a 6mm Euro screw.

Note: Sold in pairs.

This Accuride drawer slide DZ3832DO is available to order online by selecting the type you need from the table below. Alternatively, If you would like to ask one of our Accuride drawer slide engineers a question then, please click the ask a question button, or call us direct on 01604 496629.

Typical Applications
Writing surfaces
Keyboard shelves
Specifications TECHNICAL DRAWING CAD Downloads Documents UK Delivery Wordwide Delivery

From: £16.54

To: £22.28

Slide Length Unit Price 8+ 21+ 50+ 100+ Qty Availability
DZ3832-0025DO 250mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 41-47kg load £16.54 £14.51 £13.60 £11.28 £10.56
DZ3832-0030DO 300mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 42-48kg load £16.76 £14.70 £13.77 £11.40 £10.29
DZ3832-0035DO 350mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 43-49kg load £17.02 £14.92 £13.99 £11.54 £10.45
DZ3832-0040DO 400mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 44-50kg load £17.39 £15.26 £14.30 £11.83 £10.69

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DZ3832-0045DO 450mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 45-50kg load £17.79 £15.61 £14.63 £12.06 £10.90
DZ3832-0050DO 500mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 45-50kg load £18.34 £16.08 £15.07 £12.49 £11.27

Low Stock
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DZ3832-0055DO 550mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 45-50kg load £19.75 £17.33 £16.24 £13.42 £12.16

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DZ3832-0060DO 600mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 45-50kg load £20.08 £17.62 £16.51 £13.69 £12.36
DZ3832-0065DO 650mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 44-49kg load £20.79 £18.24 £17.09 £14.16 £12.82
DZ3832-0070DO 700mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 43-48kg load £22.28 £19.54 £18.31 £15.15 £13.70

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