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Accuride DZ5344 Drawer Runners and Slides with Hold In Feature

Product code: DZ5344, Features: Hold In, Length: 350mm - 700mm, Supported Weight: 70kg- 100kg

This Accuride drawer slide DZ5344 is a companion Slide for the DZ5343 and is available to order online by selecting the type you need from the table below.

Alternatively, If you would like to ask one of our Accuride drawer slide engineers a question then, please click the ask a question button, or call us direct on 01604 496629.

This heavy duty front interlock system is ideal for multi-drawer applications where it is important that only one drawer at a time can be opened.
The DZ5344 kit comprises:
1 x interlock slide
1 x 6mm Ø rod x 300mm. Cut rod to suit required pitch
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From: Excl. Tax: £17.28 Incl. Tax: £20.74

To: Excl. Tax: £25.79 Incl. Tax £30.95

Slide Length Unit Price 8+ 21+ 50+ 100+ Qty Availability
DZ5344-0035 350mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 85kg load £19.33 £16.95 £15.89 £13.18 £13.18 no stock
DZ5344-0040 400mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 90kg load £20.67 £18.13 £16.99 £14.07 £14.07 no stock
DZ5344-0045 450mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 95kg load £22.16 £19.44 £18.22 £15.10 £15.10 no stock
DZ5344-0050 500mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 100kg load £23.18 £20.33 £19.05 £15.79 £15.79 no stock
DZ5344-0055 550mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 95kg load £24.19 £21.22 £19.89 £16.46 £16.46 no stock
DZ5344-0060 600mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 85kg load £25.35 £22.23 £20.84 £17.25 £17.25 no stock
DZ5344-0065 650mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 80kg load £27.71 £24.30 £22.78 £18.89 £18.89 no stock
DZ5344-0070 700mm Accuride Drawer Slide, 70kg load £28.86 £25.32 £23.73 £19.68 £19.68 no stock

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