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Welcome to Accuride Drawer Slides .eu

Accuride Drawer Slides are part of Metrol Springs Ltd and are one of the few approved UK distributors of Accuride.

We focus of distributing metal drawer slides for every use. Whether you are looking for light duty drawer slides for office applications or heavy duty drawer slides for heavy use, industrial purposes, Accuride Drawer Slides guarantee to have a product to meet your needs. Within our extensive range of Accuride runners, we have soft closing drawer slides and self closing functions in addition to various other features such as lock-in, lock-out, hold-in and hold-out options.

Browse our range of Accuride Drawer Slides by clicking on the links below. If you require and further information or advice, call our technical team on 01604 499332

Accuride Linear Slider Range
Linear motion track with recirculating ball carriage

Load rating up to 120kg.

- Standard modular system
- Custom built linear slides
Accuride Linear Slider Range
Accuride Light Duty Range
Accuride Drawer Slides (up to 50kg).

Load rating up to 50kg. Light duty range includes:

DA5321, DH3832, DS2728, DZ0201, DZ2002, DZ2026, DZ2109, DZ2132, DZ2132DO, DZ2415, DZ2421, DZ2431, DZ2601, DZ2642, DZ3630, DZ3732, DZ3832, DZ3832AA, DZ3832DO, DZ3832ECA, DZ3832HDSC, DZ3832HDTR, DZ3832SC, DZ3832TR, DZ7400-50SC
Accuride Light Duty Range
Accuride Medium Duty Range
Accuride Drawer Slides (51-99kg).

Load rating up to 51-99kg. Medium duty range includes:

DS0305, DS0330, DS2028, DS3031, DZ0115RS, DZ0204, DZ0301, DZ0305, DZ2907, DZ2907WB, DZ3301, DZ3307, DZ3308, DZ3320-50, DZ5517-50, DZ5517-60, DZ5343
Accuride Medium Duty Range
Accuride Heavy Duty Range
Accuride Drawer Slides (100kg+).

Load rating up to 100kg+. Medium duty range includes:

DA4120, DA4140, DA4160, DA4162, DP9301, DS5321, DS5322, DZ0522, DZ3507, DZ3607, DZ3657, DZ5321, DZ5321-60, DZ5321EC, DZ5321SC, DZ5417, DZ6026, DZ7957, DZ9301, DZ9308
Accuride Heavy Duty Range
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ACCURIDE DRAWER SLIDES is a division of Metrol Springs Ltd, an authorised distributor/stockist for Accuride.

We specialise in the complete range of Industrial/Electro Mechnical drawer slides and hold a large range of stock for next day delivery.
Need Further Help with Accuride Drawer Slides: 01604 496629
Our office hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am - 3pm on Friday.
Alternatively, click here to contact via email or via our fax on 01604 493390.