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DZ5343 Interlock slide (anti-tilt) with locking option

This heavy duty front interlock system is ideal for multi-drawer applications where it is important that only one drawer at a time can be opened.

The interlock slide is sold as a single part to give maximum flexibility. The slides can be used on drawers up to 1 metre wide and we would recommend that 2 interlock slides are used on drawers 800mm -1000mm wide.

A companion slide, DZ5344, can be used if interlock is required on just one side.

The kit comprises:

- 1 x interlock slide
- 1 x 6mm diameter rod x 300mm.
- Cut rod to suit required pitch

By integrating the interlock device into the front of the slide assembly, this system solves many of the installation and service issues associated with conventional locking systems that mount in the front or rear of the cabinet.

Features & Benefits

- Load rating up to 100kg
- 100% extension
- 19.1mm slide thickness
- Slides sold singly
- Suitable for drawers up to 1 metre wide
- Hold-in
- Optional companion slide – Order code: DZ5344-00xx (one slide)
- Optional lock kit - Order code: DB65050-1

DZ6026 Datasheet



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