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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the specifications of Accuride stainless steel slides?
Material specification chart (PDF)

2. What are the fixing recommendations for Accuride telescopic drawer slides?
Fixing recommendations (PDF)

3. What kind of grease use for their stainless steel slides?
Food grade lubricant. If applied appropriately it is not harmful to people's health, it has no scent, no taste and doesn’t contain any volatile organic compounds. The grease is also suitable around food products if absolutely necessary.

4. For the 3832 series slide what is the test standard for the surface finish?
Accuride salt spray per ASTM B117; ASTM B633

5. What is the temperature range for your grease?
Accuride slides have been developed for continuous use in temperatures between -17ºC and 70ºC. We recommend the minimum operating range to be between -20ºC and 110ºC.

6. If I mounted a slide flat on the bottom of a drawer would I lose any load bearing capacity?
Up to 75% of the slide’s load capacity would be lost.

7. What are the safety factors for Accuride slides?
If a pair of slides were mounted vertically on the sides of a cabinet, 450mm apart, in the fully open position, Accuride specify a 100% safety factor. We highly recommend that you specific slides based on their load rating and not go above that tested amount as damage could occur.

8. What is Accuride’s warranty or guarantee policy on stock slides?
Accuride has a ‘Limited Lifetime Guarantee’. For more information regarding the policy please read the Quick Ship catalogue or contact Accuride directly.

9. What is the 4 digit code found on Accuride slides?
It is the month and year of manufacture of that particular slide. Each slide has their manufacture date allowing us to know exactly which factory the slide was made in and when.

10. How do I distinguish an Accuride slide?
By taking measurements with either a Vernier or a steel rule and distinguishing its specific features.
The measurements we need are:
Height of the largest (cabinet member) part of the slide
Thickness of the slide when fully closed
Length of the cabinet member when fully closed and the extension

11. Where can I find drawings of Accuride slides?
By searching the Accuride part number and selecting the page you require you can view a technical drawing of the slide.

12. To achieve the maximum load rating for my chosen slide what is the optimum slide length and drawer width?
If a pair of slides fitted 450mm wide, fixed with all fixing holes and the drawer is evenly loaded, the slide will give the optimum weight load performance stated on the available datasheet.
Please refer to the individual datasheets for maximum load rating for each specific length of slide.

13. Does the ball retainer in the slide have a weight capacity?
The ball retainer doesn’t have a weight capacity as it is only designed to keep the ball bearings positioned correctly.

14. An Accuride part number that is similar to the part number listed in your catalogue however the prefix and suffix are different. What is the best way to find out the correct information?
The part number may be an Accuride American part number. Contact us and we can find the right information for you.

15. If I need more technical data that isn’t listed on the website, where can I get that information?
Call us on 01604 499332 or please fill in our online form.

16. What is the best way to clean a ball bearing drawer slide?
All Accuride slides with ball bearings have self-cleaning ball retainers that remove any dirt or dust particles. If they do need manually cleaning refer to the installation instructions and if possible disconnect the drawer to clean the tracks thoroughly.

17. What is the operating temperature range for the aluminum DA5321?
The DA5321 can be used in temperatures between -30ºC and +80ºC. However for short periods of time the DA5321 can be operated up to +90ºC.

18. What are the disconnect features on Accuride slides?
Lever disconnect (PDF)
Rail disconnect (PDF)
Push latch disconnect (PDF)

19. What batteries do I need for the remote control on the DBLIFT-0127?
A23S batteries are needed for the large remote control and 27A batteries are needed for the small key fob remote control.

20. What does the load rating signify for telescopic drawer slides?
If mounted correctly and used appropriately the load rating is the maximum load weight a pair of slides can hold.

21. Which Accuride slides can be horizontally flat mounted?
Please refer to the Accuride information booklet for a detailed list of slides that can be horizontally flat mounted. What How When (PDF)

22. What is the temperature operating range for ball bearing slides?
Our steel ball bearing slides can be used for a continuous amount of time in temperatures between -20ºC and 70ºC.

23. Can I alter the travel of the DBLIFT-0127 allowing it to stop at a specific height?
You can use the remote control ‘Stop’ button however you have to do this each time. The only pre-selected height is the fully open position.

24. What do the slide ordering prefixes signify?
DZ - electro zinc plate and blue passivate
DB - electro zinc plate and black passivate
DW - white
DH - corrosion resistant (up to 96 hours)
DS - stainless steel
DA - Aluminium
DP - corrosion resistant (up to 500 hours)

25. Does the 5343 interlock slide work in a cabinet with more than 5 drawers?
To gain the most out of the 5343 it is best to be used in cabinet with no more than 5 drawers.
However if necessary cutting the connecting rods to fit between the slide using a dimensional tolerance of +/-0.1mm or higher allows the 5343 to be used in a cabinet with 5 or more drawers. Please view the illustration for the specific measurement.