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Accuride Linear Motion Friction Guide


Accuride Aluminium Linear Motion Friction Guide

Three guide options
Non-Adjustable, Manual Adjustable & Automatic Adjustable

Accuride Aluminium Linear Motion Friction Guide
Accuride Linear Slider Range


Linear motion track with recirculating ball carriage

Load rating up to 120kg.

- Standard modular system
- Custom built linear slides
Accuride Linear Slider Range
Accuride Light Duty Range


Accuride Drawer Slides (up to 50kg).

Load rating up to 50kg. Light duty range includes:

DA5321, DH3832, DS2728, DZ0201, DZ2002, DZ2026, DZ2109, DZ2132, DZ2132DO, DZ2415, DZ2421, DZ2431, DZ2601, DZ2642, DZ2731CL, DZ3630, DZ3732, DZ3832, DZ3832DO, DZ3832ECB, DZ3832HDSC, DZ3832HDTR, DZ3832SC, DZ3832TR, DZ7400-50SC
Accuride Light Duty Range
Accuride Medium Duty Range


Accuride Drawer Slides (51-99kg).

Load rating up to 51-99kg. Medium duty range includes:

DS0305, DS0330, DS2028, DS3031, DZ0115RS, DZ0204, DZ0301, DZ0305, DZ2907, DZ2907WB, DZ3301, DZ3307, DZ3308, DZ3320-50, DZ5517-50, DZ5517-60, DZ5343
Accuride Medium Duty Range
Accuride Heavy Duty Range


Accuride Drawer Slides (100kg+).

Load rating up to 100kg+. Medium duty range includes:

DA4120, DA4140, DA4160, DA4162, DP9301, DS5321, DS5322, DZ0522, DZ3507, DZ3607, DZ3657, DZ5321, DZ5321-60, DZ5321EC, DZ5321SC, DZ5417, DZ6026, DZ7957, DZ9301, DZ9308
Accuride Heavy Duty Range
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ACCURIDE DRAWER SLIDES is a division of Metrol Springs Ltd, an authorised distributor/stockist for Accuride.

We specialise in the complete range of Industrial/Electro Mechnical drawer slides and hold a large range of stock for next day delivery.
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