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 Technical Information

This catalogue offers the most popular telescopic slides used within the industrial and electro-mechanical markets and is designed to assist you in selecting the most suitable slide for your application.

Specialist slides are available for specific applications and your local Accuride distributor or sales representative can help you in identifying the correct choice.

For specialist applications, where the slides are exposed to vibration and/or rough usage, or where frequency of access is high, the load ratings quoted may not be applicable. 

The products in this catalogue are grouped into sections and each section has a selection guide and a detailed datasheet for each product. 

  • Dimensions in millimetres. Dimensional tolerance ±0.5mm.
  • Diameters ±0.1mm unless otherwise stated.
  • All fixing positions must be used to achieve maximum load rating.
  • If slides are mounted horizontally (flat mount) the load rating is decreased to approximately 25% of the vertical load rating.
  • Weights (W) and loads (L) are given in kg per pair.
  • Travel (TR) ±3.0mm.
  • imagedenotes dynamic cycles tested.
  • When a slide is available in more than one colour, the two-letter prefix on the order code should be changed accordingly. The order code is made up as follows:

Order Code


Accuride slides are designed for indoor use and should be protected from excessive moisture, chemical fumes, dirt and corrosion.

Accuride's corrosion resistant slide range offers slides for more demanding environments. See individual datasheets for further information.

The Accuride self-cleaning ball retainer protects slide raceways by removing foreign particles between ball bearings and the lubricant provided is sufficient for normal slide life. Should you need to clean the slides, you can re-lubricate them with quality grease rated for extreme pressure.

  • Accuride slides are designed to be used for extended periods in temperatures between -17'C and 70'C.
  • Extreme temperatures can affect the lubricant and plastic or rubber components.

Accuride's slides with DZ/DS/DA prefixes do not contain any of the restricted or prohibited substances referred to in the ELV (End of Life Vehicles) 2000/53/EC (27.06.02), the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) 2002/95/EC (27.01.03), the WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) 2002/96/EC (27.01.03) Directives.

Hexavalent Chrome (Chrome 6) is used to increase corrosion resistance over zinc plating and it is only present when the Black Passivate (DB) is used. Products with the black finish (DB) manufactured in Europe are available without Chrome 6 on request.


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